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Heritage House Club Plan Details



Introduce a new customer to Heritage House who purchases $300 or more, of a pattern different from yours, and we will send you a certificate for a place setting or item of equal value in your pattern at 40%-50% off the manufactures current suggested retail price.

Please have the customer you refer email us with your name and address or email address at the time they make their purchase. Only one referrer can qualify.
  • The club plan is part of our advertising program. We thank you for helping our business grow.
  • The savings amount of 40%-50% depends upon the manufacturer. It will be 50% off in most cases.
  • Your pattern will be in production at the time the certificate is issued. It must also be in production at the time it is redeemed. Occasionally, a manufacturer, without notice, will discontinue a pattern and we cannot be responsible for their actions. In this instance, you may use your certificate on another product.
  • You must be a verifiable Heritage House customer who has purchased over $300 from us to be a participating club member eligible to earn these savings certificates.
  • Redeemed certificates must be an original, dated and signed by an authorized Heritage House representative.
  • The certificate is valid for one year from issue date and may be redeemed only by the individual whose name appears on it. The certificate is not transferable and may not be applied toward a previous order.
  • Payment for the exact amount together with shipping & handling charges and any necessary sales tax may be determined byemailing or calling the Heritage House customer service department at (800) 776-6873 and arranging details.
  • This plan is of necessity subject to governmental restrictions and regulations or circumstances beyond our control.

Our customers have earned thousands of certificates since 1963!!! 
We hope you, too, will take advantage of the club plan savings.





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